"Larry is a singularly insightful and inspiring person. He has impacted the lives of so many on both a professional and personal level. He has a vision for making the world a better place by helping people see their lives for more than what they produce or accomplish. He has motivated me to explore new vistas and see the opportunities before me in new ways. I encourage anyone who needs to rethink their purpose and possibilities to engage with Larry and discover how much more there is in living a life well-lived."

Hass Sadeghi

Founder - Lawyoracle

"Larry Kesslin is unique! His ability to bring fresh energy, uplifting insights and initiate powerful alliances that create new levels of success for an individual or organization is unsurpassed.  In a quarter century of working with the highest levels of leadership at the most innovative and successful companies on the planet, I have never met anyone that can equal the 24/7 optimism, energy and relationship building skills that he possesses. Larry’s uncanny ability to connect like-minded people of profound integrity has played an enormous part in the success of our company.”


   Jeff Salz, Ph.D., CPAE

   President and CEO

   Way of Adventure, Inc

"Larry Kesslin understands how to connect people and build businesses! Over the course of eight years, he helped me to increase sales by more than 500%. He also taught me how to continue getting those same kind of results through my own efforts. But there is more to Larry than being incredibly good at sales development. He cares! He wants to make a difference, both in your business, your life and in the world. Thank you, Larry, for all you have done for me."

Jo Anne Myers

Sunstone International Business Coaching, LLC

"One of the biggest strengths a business can have is the ability to build strong relationships that foster business growth. Founders and business leaders must know where and how to make these strategic alliances -- and that is where Larry can help. 


Larry is without a doubt a master at both quickly evaluating and identifying what type growth solutions would benefit a business best, AND at helping businesses connect to individual and business resources to get those solutions implemented. Chief Connector is a perfect description for Larry and he has made more valuable connections and introductions for my business in a two months than I had made myself in nearly six. There's not many business consultants that can bring a massive network and real business savvy to the table immediately -- Larry does both!"


   Krystina Feucht

   President and CEO

   MODI Marketing

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