Larry Kesslin is the founder and Chief Connector of 5 Dots. At 5 Dots we love helping companies grow. Growth starts with having a clear and structured business development strategy that helps our clients in three key areas:


1. New business development

2. Connecting more deeply with existing clients

3. Recruiting better talent.


The foundation of business development is developing strong and long-lasting relationships. This sounds simple and straight forward, and it is if you know how to do it well. At 5 Dots we start with helping people deepen relationships, while helping them with clearly identify their target market, tell compelling stories, establish strong strategic alliances and manage all those relationships.

At 5 Dots we love to connect the dots ..... one dot at a time!

Why 5 Dots?


In 2005, Steve Jobs delivered a famous commencement speech at Stanford University. In his speech he talked about the fact that you can't see how the dots connect looking forward, you can only see how they connect when you look backwards. He said that you need to trust that somehow the dots will connect and that they will all have meaning. With over two decades of experience seeing how the dots connect, we look to help our clients connect the dots looking forward as well. With experience and wisdom comes opportunity, 5 Dots is all about helping you connect your dots as powerfully as possible, one dot at a time .....

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