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At 5 Dots we believe that businesses development efforts can be improved with a systematized approach. Our coaching process starts with evaluating where your process is currently lacking. We identify your skill sets as related to the 5 dots:


1. Your relationship development skills

2. Your ability to clearly identify your target market

3. The quality and consistency of your story

4. Your ability to identify and engage in strategic alliances

5. Your process for managing relationships

We are expert coaches focused on teaching you how to use the 5 Dots methodology to gain a steady flow of prospects that come to you. When you understand the process of business development you can develop relationships easily, you can clearly define your target market, you can tell your story, you can identify your strategic alliance partners and manage all of those relationships. When these five pieces all come together, business flows.

At 5 Dots we teach you how to do this for yourself. 

If you don't believe you want to do it on your own, please ask us about our outsourced business development function, where we will act as your business development resource. At 5 Dots we want to help you get more prospects so you can end up with the best clients possible!

To learn more please ask.

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